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If you’re trying to cut back the calories, or need to modify your diet due to a medical condition, we have good news for you: being on a meal plan doesn’t mean you have to settle for just a few, limited food choices.

Our registered dietitian offers nutrition counselling, weight management programs and customised meal plans based on your food preferences, lifestyle, goals, and any medical conditions that restrict you from eating certain foods.

We’ll ensure your food plan is enjoyable yet healthy and aligned with your goals or medical conditions.

Some dietetic services only provide diet counselling. Our registered dietitian not only provides diet counselling but also includes a fully individualised meal plan that includes macronutrients, calorie intake calculations, and detailed one-on-one follow-ups to assess your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

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    What is a
    registered dietitian?

    A registered dietitian (RD) is a regulated health professional, registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario. Registered dietitians are held accountable to the highest standards of education and ethics. Dietitians are committed and required to stay on top of the latest scientific, medical and nutritional research to deliver reliable, evidence-based advice. They’re not influenced by the latest fads and dieting gimmicks. They have the knowledge, compassion, and flexibility to help you achieve your goals based on your overall objectives, personal needs and challenges.

    Registered dietitians believe in the power of food to enhance lives and improve health. They translate the science of nutrition into practical, healthy meal plans and help people access nutritional information for health. A dietitian’s goal is to empower you to embrace food, to understand it, and to enjoy it.

    Ottawa Dietitian Sara Awija
    Ottawa's Best Dietitian 2022 Award - Faces Magazine - Sara Awija
    Ottawa's Best Dietitian 2021 Award - Faces Magazine - Sara Awija
    Ottawa's Best Dietitian 2020 Award - Faces Magazine - Sara Awija

    Sara Awija (B.SC RD)

    Registered dietitian, voted Ottawa’s favourite dietitian

    An award-winning dietitian, Sara has gained valuable experience in a wide range of practice settings, including clinical nutrition, community nutrition and food service management. Her areas of expertise lie in weight management, sports nutrition, and prenatal/infant nutrition. She also holds a certification in adult weight management and offers nutrition counselling, weight management programs and creates customised meal plans.

    Some of Sara’s nutritional expertise lies in:

    • Weight management
    • Sports nutrition
    • Diabetes nutrition
    • Cardiovascular disease – cholesterol management, blood pressure management
    • Gastrointestinal disorders
    • Prenatal nutrition
    • Infant nutrition
    • Eating disorders – binge eating, compulsive overeating, night eating syndrome
    • Grocery store tours
    • Restaurant dining group
    Ottawa Dietitian Danice Kelly

    Danice Kelly (BScN)

    Registered dietitian, Bells Corners

    Danice graduated from Acadia University with a degree in nutrition and dietetics and completed an internship with Eastern Health, the regional health authority in her hometown of St. John’s, Newfoundland. She’s gained a valuable range of experience including as a food operations supervisor in healthcare, as a weight loss clinic dietitian, and as part of an integrative healthcare team in a family practice. Danice offers individualised nutrition education and custom meal plans, along with targeted supplement use and healthy mindfulness practices.

    Danice can help you with:

    • Weight loss or weight gain
    • High cholesterol
    • Diabetes and diabetes prevention
    • High blood pressure
    • Fatty liver
    • Digestive issues (IBD and IBS
    • Inflammation
    • General healthy eating or following a specific way of eating (vegan, vegetarian)
    • ADHD
    • Meal planning
    • Eating on a budget

    Dietetic tips with Sara

    FAQ about working with our dietitians

    Legally, anyone can give advice and call themselves a nutritionist in Ontario. Registered dieticians, however, must earn an accredited 4-year degree that includes science and nutrition courses, do an internship, pass an exam, and are held accountable to the College of Dieticians of Ontario on an ongoing basis. Just like all regulated health professionals, dietitians are committed and required to stay on top of emerging research, skills, and techniques, and adhere to principles of professional practice.

    “Dietitian” is a protected title across Canada, just like physician, nurse and pharmacist. Some dietitians have a job title that includes nutritionist, such as “community nutritionist”. To be sure you’re accessing the most qualified nutrition professional, look for the initials RD or PDt (DtP in French) after the health professional’s name.

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    When should you be seeing a dietician?

    A registered dietitian’s expertise can help you with much more than losing weight. Dietitians are an excellent resource to help with a wide range of concerns and to improve your overall health. A registered dietitian is your health and wellness partner, working together with you to develop a game plan that works best for your wants and needs.

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    10 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Dietitian

    Getting the nutrition results you want can be all about asking your registered dietitian the right questions. Everyone’s nutritional journey is different. Your dietitian’s job is to help you figure out what that means for you and your goals. An Elysian dietitian is here to empower you to embrace food, to understand it, and to enjoy it.

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    Nutritionist vs dietitian — what’s the difference?

    Registered dietitians and nutritionists may seem similar at first glance, but they have some pretty major distinctions. Our registered dietitians turn the science of nutrition into practical, healthy meal plans. They deliver reliable, evidence-based advice and are not influenced by the latest fads or dieting gimmicks.