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    Building a better, healthier you

    Anyone can benefit from a supervised exercise program to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

    We built our Kanata fitness studio so we could offer our clients a private training environment, customized personal support, and the right information at the right time, no matter their level of ability or experience.

    Elysian personal training is one-on-one strength and conditioning programming, created and coached by one of our personal trainers. We know that beginning a journey towards a more active, healthy lifestyle can be uncomfortable at first. Our trainers will guide you through those first steps with compassion and support. Elysian personal training has been created for people of all ages, abilities and experiences.

    Unlike large, crowded fitness clubs where you’re always waiting for equipment, personal training at Elysian means you’ll be guided through your customized program in one-on-one sessions at our private training studio. There will be none of the distractions or interruptions that are typical of commercial gyms.

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    Our therapists and personal trainers work closely together

    The goal of our personal training programs is to improve your health and fitness in a safe and effective manner. Your trainer consults with your physical therapist to create a personalised training program designed to support your physical rehabilitation and address weaknesses and imbalances. By strengthening key problem areas, we’ll work to reduce your risk of injury and build your overall strength and conditioning.

    Whether you’re dealing with an acute injury or a chronic condition, our certified personal trainers and licensed therapists will provide close supervision of your progress. With an eye to both recuperation and improving function, your training program will be designed specifically towards addressing your injury or condition and facilitating your recovery. Your results will be closely tracked, and your strength and rehabilitation programs can be adjusted and modified at any time.

    Our personal trainers are with you every step of the way

    Our trainers are professionals. They’re educated with a background in kinesiology and biomechanics, with certifications that are backed by evidence-based exercise science. Like the rest of our team, our trainers embrace a mindset of continuous learning and regularly enhance their knowledge with courses, seminars and professional development. They apply their vast experience and expertise into every personalised training program they create.

    Our trainers will provide you with — and progress you through — your individual workout plan while watching your form and biomechanics. Along the way, you’ll learn the fundamentals of proper movement so you can get the most out of the exercises while preventing injury. Our safe, effective exercise routines will provide you with the knowledge, structure, accountability and confidence to reach your goals.

    Training at Elysian is training with intent and not just moving for the sake of being at the gym. You can count on your personal training sessions to be fun and unpredictable — they’ll be demanding but rewarding. No matter your skill and ability, you’ll be challenged to make sure you’re moving towards your goals and getting focused results.


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    Frequently asked questions about personal training

    At Elysian Wellness, our personal training is geared towards physical rehabilitation, addressing imbalances, building strength and improving your overall fitness. Your personal trainer will work hand in hand with your physical therapist to produce the best training program possible for your goals, whether they are to address an injury or improve your strength and conditioning. Training at Elysian Wellness also means you have access to over a dozen other health and wellness services under one roof.

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