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Cold plunge therapy, otherwise referred to as cold water immersion or cold water therapy is an ancient practice that uses cold water to boost cardiovascular circulation to promote a variety of health benefits.

People from many cultures have been submerging themselves in cold water to treat and prevent health conditions for millennia. Now, modern science is supporting the practice, with numerous studies touting the benefits of cold plunge therapy for our health.

Cold plunge therapy is widely used by professional and elite athletes to improve performance and help reduce injuries. It’s long been seen as an effective method to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery from intense workouts or injury.

Now you can practice cold plunge therapy at our Bells Corners location!

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    What Are the Benefits of Cold Water Therapy?

    Research revolving around cold water immersion has typically been focus on pain and injury prevention and recovery. However, there are other potential health benefits that continue to be researched, including:

    • Boosting your immune system

    • Improving your circulation

    • Reducing anxiety

    • Deepening your sleep

    • Spiking your energy levels

    • Reducing inflammation in your body

    Using cold water therapy may also have long-term benefits if done on a regular basis. The great thing about cold plunge therapy is that you do it at home, in a lake, a fitness club, or a speciality wellness studio. Although, we do recommend doing cold water therapy under the guidance of a trained physical therapist for the best results. Contact our team to book an appointment!

    A man with his eyes closed during his cold water therapy session

    Why Do Cold Plunge Therapy?

    If you suffer from poor circulation, not only is your blood flow compromised, but it can put immense stress on your heart. It can cause you to feel fatigue, headaches and regular muscle cramps. More alarmingly, it can cause high blood pressure leading to heart attack and stroke.

    Cold therapy helps ease inflammation by constricting the blood vessels in your body, bringing the blood flow closer to the vital organs and reducing swelling from excess fluid build-up. Some experts think that exposing the body to the shock of cold water forces it into survival mode, causing an increase in the amount of white blood cells produced by your bone marrow and enriching the blood in your body.

    After leaving the cold plunge tub, your blood vessels will expand to reinvigorate circulation and help to flush out parts of your immune system. This spurs your lymphatic system, a subsystem of the circulatory system with its own network of vessels, tissues, and organs. It helps defend the body against infection by supplying disease-fighting cells called lymphocytes, and collects excess fluid and particulate matter from your body’s tissues and deposits them in the bloodstream to be filtered.

    The promotion of lymphatic drainage by cold plunge therapy can have great implications for those suffering from autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), arthritis, lupus, and psoriasis.

    How Does Cold Plunge Therapy Work?

    You've got this far, and you're thinking about doing some cold water therapy, but you're probably still wondering how it works. We're here to break it down for you.

    Exposing your body to cold water causes your blood vessels to narrow which directs blood to your vital organs like the heart, brain, and lungs. With more blood moving towards your major organs, it's able to gather more oxygen and additional nutrients.

    As soon as you get out of the cold water, those constricted blood vessels slowly start to expand. When that happens, the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood gets pumped back towards your muscle tissues - helping to reduce inflammation and reduce waste products like lactic acid.

    If you do cold water therapy on a regular basis, your blood vessel's ability to circulate blood throughout the body can improve! Just like how you can train your muscles by lifting weights and strengthening them, you can strengthen and train your blood vessels with cold plunge therapy.

    Woman getting into a cold water tub for her cold plunge therapy session

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cold Plunge Therapy FAQs

    Cold plunge therapy is a self-administered treatment that requires no supervision from a therapist or nurse. Cold plunge involves a dip in icy cold water at temperatures as low as 5–10 degrees celsius. All bookings are for 20 minutes. You’re allowed a maximum of 10 minutes cold time in the plunge, and 10 minutes for clean-up or to shower afterwards. All bookings and fees are for 20 minutes no matter how much time you spend in the cold plunge.

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