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    Where anyone can stretch and de-stress

    Yoga is an amazing stress relief, and many people find it to be an indispensable part of their mental and physical wellness.

    We offer a range of different classes at Elysian Wellness, so you can take a class that features your favourite style, or try something new. If you’re a beginner, It's important not to worry about being able to do every pose in a class — your body will grow stronger and more flexible with continued practice.

    Yoga classes at our Bells Corners location are led by an experienced yoga instructor along with one of our registered massage therapists, offering a unique approach to this ancient practice.

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    What is yoga?

    Yoga is a mental and physical practice that combines adopting postures with breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation. The poses and breathing techniques taught in yoga classes can help to relax your muscles and calm your mind.

    As you practise yoga postures, your body releases endorphins that help to calm and improve your mood. The practice of deep breathing also stimulates certain nerve centres in the brain that help you relax. This helps reduce physical tension that can make you feel stressed or anxious.

    Yoga also encourages mindfulness and self-awareness through meditation, which gives you a better understanding of yourself by reducing negativity and the emotions associated with stress, like anxiety, anger and frustration.

    Yoga has so many physical benefits as well. People from all walks of life find that yoga:

    • Improves respiration, energy and vitality
    • Increases muscle strength and tone
    • Improves flexibility and balance
    • Offers protection from injury
    • Helps you focus and concentrate
    • Helps you relax and manage stress
    • Improves overall physical fitness and health

    What are the benefits
    of yoga?

    Yoga is known to stretch your muscles and make your joints more flexible. But being flexible isn't a prerequisite for doing yoga — yoga will help you become more flexible. Stretching improves flexibility and range of motion, which means you have a reduced chance of muscle strains or tears. Additionally, having increased flexibility can improve your energy levels, increase blood flow throughout your body, address muscle imbalances and improve your posture.

    Yoga at Elysian

    This traditional Hatha practice will begin by connecting to the natural rhythm of your breath. A gentle warm up will follow, along with a series of standing postures that will increase strength and flexibility. Each posture will be held for a series of breaths before moving on to the next. This class will close with a series of grounding cool-down postures that will leave you feeling calm and refreshed. This is an ideal class if you are new to yoga, but is still a great option if you’re more experienced.

    Frequently asked questions about yoga

    Currently the yoga classes we offer are: traditional Hatha Yoga, hands-free Hatha, hips and shoulders flow, Yin and Yang and Yoga Tune Up®.

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