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You get out of life what you put into it — but if you don’t feel your best, you can’t live your best.

Achieve your health and wellness potential with the help of Elysian’s skilled therapists. Whether you’re building a foundation for healthy ageing, trying to overcome the effects of an accident, training for peak athletic performance, or simply want to get relief from a chronic condition, we’re here for you.

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Private treatment rooms

Our one-on-one approach puts you at the heart of everything we do. It all starts with listening to you and understanding your concerns. Then we take the time to do a personal assessment and create your customised therapeutic plan. Our private treatment rooms ensure that you can relax without distractions.

Experienced, caring staff

We are very careful when hiring our therapists. We look for experience, the right educational background and licences, demonstrated skill, and commitment to continuous learning — the human body is wonderfully complex, and there’s always more to learn. Most importantly, we look for empathetic people who are born healers.

A full spectrum of wellness services

We have over a dozen services under one roof. Pain can have complex causes, and some people benefit from more than one kind of treatment. With Elysian Wellness, going from treatment to treatment is easy because our therapists communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Convenient direct billing

We can provide direct billing to dozens of Canada’s largest insurance providers. If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, we are FSRA-licensed to directly bill as well. We also offer up to 0% APR financing so that you can get the treatment you need, when you need it.


Ottawa's Best Chiropractic Practice 2022 Award - Faces Magazine
Ottawa's Best Physiotherapy Clinic 2022 Award - Faces Magazine
Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence - 2022
Best Wellness Clinic Nominee 2022 - Top Choice Award
Ottawa's Best Natural Wellness Company 2022 Award - Faces Magazine
Ottawa's Best Physiotherapist 2022 Award - Faces Magazine - Michael McCreight
Ottawa's Best Dietitian 2022 Award - Faces Magazine - Sara Awija
Ottawa's Best Massage Therapist 2022 Award - Faces Magazine - Mason Timm
Ottawa's Best Chiropractic Practice 2021 Award - Faces Magazine
Ottawa's Best Physiotherapy Clinic 2021 Award - Faces Magazine
Ottawa's Best Physiotherapist 2021 Nominee - Faces Magazine - Johanne Gordon
Ottawa's Best Physiotherapist 2021 Award - Faces Magazine - Michael McCreight
Ottawa's Best Dietitian 2021 Award - Faces Magazine - Sara Awija
Ottawa's Best Massage Therapist 2021 Award - Faces Magazine - Mason Timm
Ottawa's Best Massage Therapist 2021 Award - Faces Magazine - Morgan Asquini
Ottawa's Best Chiropractic Practice 2020 Award - Faces Magazine
Ottawa's Best Physiotherapy Clinic 2020 Award - Faces Magazine
Ottawa's Best Physiotherapist 2020 Award - Faces Magazine - Johanne Gordon
Ottawa's Best Dietitian 2020 Award - Faces Magazine - Sara Awija
Ottawa's Best Massage Therapist 2020 Award - Faces Magazine - Morgan Asquini

Our Therapeutic Services

Serving Hunt Club, Nepean, Kanata, & Ottawa


Based on the science of movement, physiotherapy uses a variety of active and passive treatment methods. It helps patients restore, maintain and maximise their strength, function, motion, and overall well-being by addressing underlying physical issues.


Chiropractic treatments go well beyond the classic spinal adjustments — we treat muscles, joints, and nerves throughout the body. We treat injury as well as other conditions and diseases and can provide instant pain relief for some situations.

Registered Dietitian

You don’t have to endure a bland diet to get the nutrition you need, even if you’re faced with restrictions in what you can eat. Our registered dietician creates healthful, delicious meal plans aimed at weight loss, maintenance, athletic performance or other goals.

Massage Therapy

When performed by a licensed practitioner, massage therapy can transform tight, strained muscles into free flowing tissue with a full range of motion. The benefits are cumulative, and over time massage can provide powerful benefits to your body and mind.

Cold Plunge Therapy

After an intensive exercise session, 10 to 15 minutes of cold water immersion (or cryotherapy) can help you recover faster. Making a regular habit of cold plunges can also relieve chronic inflammation, joint pain and improve circulation.

Nutrigenomix (West Hunt Club only)

Nutrigenomix uses your unique genetic profile to reveal factors like metabolism, response to exercise and risk factors for chronic disease. This helps our registered dietician tailor your menu plan for your body and your goals.

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10 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Dietitian

Getting the nutrition results you want can be all about asking your registered dietitian the right questions. Everyone’s nutritional journey is different. Your dietitian’s job is to help you figure out what that means for you and your goals. An Elysian dietitian is here to empower you to embrace food, to understand it, and to enjoy it.

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Relaxation Massage vs Deep Tissue Massage

With many different massage treatments available, you may not know which type is right for you. If you’re looking for relaxation and relief from tense, tight muscles, a relaxation massage is probably right for you. If you have chronic pain or an injury, then a deep tissue massage might be the route to go.

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10 Questions to Ask Your Physiotherapist

Millions of people experience injuries and chronic pain each year. If you are one of them, you know just how debilitating that can be. Injuries and chronic pain can make it hard for people to participate in activities that they love. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? Here’s some good news:…

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How Do Hot Water Bottles Help Treat Back Pain?

Are you experiencing a nagging and persistent back pain that’s hard to deal with? Have you tried painkillers and stretching but just can’t seem to get the relief that you’re looking for? Maybe it’s time to try a hot water bottle to help alleviate and treat your back pain. The use of hot water bottles…

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Side Effects of Physiotherapy

Here Are Some Things You Might Experience With Physio Treatment Physiotherapy is an incredibly helpful tool. It can help reduce pain, increase your range of motion, help you heal from injuries, or alleviate chronic conditions. But although its intended purpose is to make you feel better, physiotherapy treatments and exercises can have some side effects….

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