Decongestive therapy (CDT therapy)

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    Natural relief from lymphedema

    Your body’s lymphatic fluid is meant to flow easily and fight infection. It travels through a network of vessels and organs that work together to move lymph from all of your tissues back into your bloodstream.

    Lymphedema is the build-up of fluid in soft body tissues when the lymphatic system is damaged or blocked and unable to flow through the body the way that it should. It can lead to swelling in your limbs and further health complications over time if left untreated.

    We offer complete decongestive therapy services to help reduce and manage painful swelling. In most cases we can help you return to your full level of vitality.


    What is decongestive (CDT) therapy?

    Complete decongestive therapy (CDT) is a full-system treatment approach to managing lymphedema. Many patients respond very well to this gentle, noninvasive, and highly effective treatment. The full system approach of CDT involves 4 main steps:

    1. Manual lymph drainage massage (MLD)
    2. Compression bandage therapy
    3. Skin care
    4. Exercise

    MLD is a very light massage technique used to help stimulate the natural movement of lymph within your lymphatic and circulatory systems. Our approach to MLD is to focus on redirecting the lymph from your affected limb, around the blocked or damaged vessels, and into the healthy vessels that drain into your circulatory system.

    Manual lymphatic drainage helps to eliminate the body's cellular waste products, reduces swelling and encourages your immune system to function properly. It also helps promote general relaxation and has a detoxification effect on your skin and superficial fascia.

    What to expect during CDT therapy treatments

    Your first visit to Elysian Wellness will be a 30-minute consultation and assessment with our certified lymphedema therapist. Your therapist will have some questions for you so they can get an accurate history of your condition, and will take measurements of both affected and unaffected limbs. They’ll share the information you need on how decongestive therapy works, as well as create your custom treatment plan.

    We recommend that you wear or bring a t-shirt, tank top, or shorts to change into to allow for your affected limb to be accessible. You should also bring any compression garments you already have, even if you’re not currently using them.

    All your following treatments will be an hour in length. The first 45 minutes of each treatment will be a manual lymph drainage (MLD) massage. All MLD treatments start with a neck and shoulder massage sequence followed by work on your abdomen, as there are major lymphatic system structures in those areas. Once your neck, shoulders and abdomen have been treated, your therapist will move to the impaired limb and gently massage the area to encourage natural drainage from the area.

    The last 15 minutes of your treatment will be spent bandaging the area and advising you on remedial exercises to perform at home between your appointments. Remember, exercise is an important component of your treatment. Daily moderate exercise will stimulate circulation and natural drainage of the affected area, and greatly accelerate your recovery rather than just relying on MLD treatments alone.


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