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    Superior support made to measure

    We provide a wide range of custom braces and rehabilitation equipment. These are medical-grade, high quality braces and equipment that are specially fit for you.

    Once a brace or compression is recommended by one of our therapists, we take measurements to ensure that your individualised equipment is truly a custom fit. This will ensure that you’re not wasting money on something that doesn’t fit correctly.

    If you have extended health coverage that covers braces as part of your plan, the manufacturers we stock regularly meet the medical-grade requirements insurers require for them to be covered (see below for details).

    We also carry a wide range of therapeutic and exercise equipment for your at-home needs.


    Why choose our custom braces and compressions

    • All our products are made of high-quality, durable material in Germany or the United States, and are among the highest quality braces on the market
    • Meets medical-grade compression (20–30 mmHg) requirements to qualify for coverage by extended health insurers (depending on your policy)
    • We provide a wide range of braces and compressions that cost as low as $80, all the way to more complex orthotics required for larger and more serious injuries
    • All our braces are custom fit to your specific measurements to ensure a perfect, individualised fit and best results
    • Light and airy knitted fabric makes them extremely comfortable to wear and easy to clean
    • Our braces can be purchased as part of your treatment plan, or you can book an assessment and fitting appointment if you just want to purchase the equipment

    Benefits of wearing custom made braces and compressions

    • Alleviates pain and pressure in the knee, back, ankle, shoulder, wrist, or elbow
    • Provides shock absorption and redistributes pressure
    • Customised joint and muscle support
    • Maintains proper joint alignment
    • Eases arthritis pain
    • Prevents further progression of injuries
    • Maintains general well-being while helping you stay active
    • Helps with post-operative pain and speeds up healing process

    Types of braces we offer

    Our knee braces provide superior comfort, effectively relieve pressure, reduce pain and give your knee the support you need, so you can get back on your feet and return to the activities you love.

    Knee brace benefits and specifications

    • Our Bauerfeind knee braces come with the visco-elastic Omega pad
    • The ring-shaped pad serves as a functional cushion around your kneecap to relieve pressure and reduce pain while gently massaging your knee as you move
    • Contain plastic stays that act as flexible bending zones to maintain its shape
    • The plastic stays fitted with pull tabs at the top so you can pull it on for easy application
    • Medical-grade compression (20–30 mmHg)
    • May be eligible for extended health coverage

    Our knee braces provide treatment and prevention of:

    • Knee pain
    • Knee strains
    • Osteoarthritis of the knee
    • Osgood-Schlatter's disease
    • Pre and post-op knee swelling and inflammation

    Brands we carry


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