Chiropractic Treatment
for Lower Back Pain

Is Your Lower Back Pain Taking Over Your Life?

Lower back pain is very common and can stem from a wide variety of different reasons. Whether it's from a strain, sprain, disc problem, or even arthritis, lower back pain can be difficult to deal with on a day to day basis. So what can help provide some relief?

Seeing a chiropractor for your lower back pain can help you get back on your feet. Combining professional therapy with regular exercise, being mindful of your posture, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for your back.

With so many contributing factors that can impact your lower back pain, it may feel like having back pain is just a normal part of life - but it doesn't have to be! Book a chiropractic treatment for your back pain today and get back to living your best life.

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    Tips for Preventing & Managing Your Back Pain

    Preventing Back Pain

    • Strengthen your core muscles
    • Use proper lifting techniques
    • Invest in an ergonomic office chair
    • Reduce overall stress
    • Manage your weight
    • Engage in regular exercise

    Managing Back Pain

    • Pain relief medications
    • Ice & heat
    • Stay active & avoid extended periods of sitting or standing
    • Maintain good posture when sitting
    • Stretch your muscles
    • Get chiropractic treatment

    How Can a Chiropractor Help Your Lower Back Pain?

    Licensed chiropractors can adjust your body and spine to improve alignment, restore movement, and ease pain. Spinal adjustments performed by experienced and trained chiropractors can work well to relieve pain and discomfort without the need for drugs and surgery.

    On top of corrective adjustments and manipulations, a chiropractor can provide exercises to help improve posture, increase flexibility, and strengthen the right muscles in order to prevent further injury.

    If you have acute lower back pain, you can benefit from seeing a chiropractor once or twice a week until you can become more independent with healthy habits and exercise routines. Contact us today to book your next chiropractic treatment in Nepean, Hunt Club, or Kanata!

    Chiropractor helping a patient with lower back stretches

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Lower Back Pain FAQs

    Lower back pain can be caused by a variety of different injuries and conditions, including:

    • Fractures
    • Disc problems
    • Arthritis
    • Joint irritation
    • Strains & sprains
    • Spinal tumors
    • Structural problems

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    You might be reluctant to visit a chiropractor because you’re not sure what to expect. Ask your chiropractor these questions so you can learn more about what happens during your chiropractic appointment and how you can prepare for your first adjustment. If you have any questions we’re here to help.

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    6 Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

    Chiropractic care can have an immediate impact on your mobility, coordination and function. This safe, natural drug-free treatment allows your body to perform the healing it knows how to do if it’s given the care and attention it needs. Don’t settle for band aid solutions that might mask the pain but don’t solve the real issue.

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    Side Effects of Chiropractic Treatment

    Chiropractic treatment is recognized as one of the safest therapies you can use to treat pain and injuries. Complications are rare, minor and temporary, but as with any medical therapy, they are possible. Side effects provide little risk and can be treated easily. With just a little rest, they usually go away quite quickly.

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