10 Reasons to See a Physiotherapist

Prevention and recovery help you feel your best

Elite athletes don’t think twice about seeking physiotherapy to treat and prevent injuries.

But if you’ve never considered yourself an athlete or experienced a serious injury, seeing a physiotherapist may have never crossed your mind. However, there are a wide range of common problems that can be treated with physiotherapy, from chronic pain to simply keeping your body in top shape. A physiotherapist is trained and licensed to identify and treat areas of concern and prevent more serious problems from developing later.

After all — as the saying goes — prevention is the best medicine.

Physiotherapist stretching a patients leg

Is your body telling you it’s time for physiotherapy?

Your body will send you signals, but are you paying attention? Because, if you ignore them, your body might try harder again tomorrow.

Many people might only think of physiotherapy after surgery for something like an injured knee or shoulder. While post-operative therapy is a major aspect of what we do, there are many other conditions that can be relieved by a visit to your local physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy can relieve lingering pain or flare-ups from old injuries, incontinence, even dizziness, vertigo and other balance issues. If your symptoms have begun to affect your everyday life, it might be time to book a consultation with your local physiotherapist.

We use a wide range of treatments, methods and physiotherapy machines to treat not only musculoskeletal problems, but many of the body’s other systems.

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    10 reasons to see a physiotherapist

    Pain management is probably the most common reason patients will seek out physio. Whether it’s pain from a recent injury, an old injury, or even just chronic pain from sitting at a desk all day, physiotherapy will specifically target the problem area and identify any underlying issues that could be making the pain worse. From there, your physiotherapist will use a combination of therapies to relieve the symptoms and prevent them from reoccurring.

    What to expect from your physio treatments

    Whether you’re using it as a preventative tool, to treat chronic pain or to help you recover from an injury, there’s a lot more to physio than meets the eye. When you develop a relationship with your physiotherapist, they’ll get to know you and your body. And when used regularly, physio can save you a fortune in the long-term by eliminating preventable injuries before they become a problem.

    Keep in mind that it’s important to be realistic – healing can take time. Most health issues don’t develop overnight and the results won’t happen overnight either. Remember to pace yourself, be patient, and follow your physiotherapist’s advice on activity and rest so you don’t overdo it and potentially reverse the progress you’ve made.

    When applied properly, physio is a holistic alternative to surgeries and medications that can — and should — become a regular part of your health and wellness routine. Contact our team today to book a physiotherapy treatment!


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