The 4 types of massage therapy you can experience at EWC

Discover the many ways massage can help your body feel better

Massage therapy is amazing for so many reasons! It can help with rehabilitation after an injury. It aids in relaxation and provides stress relief. It can increase your flexibility and range of motion and relieve the day-to-day aches and pains that come from sitting at a desk or looking at a screen all day.

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Types of massage therapy offered at elysian wellness centre

Massage isn’t just one thing. It encompasses a wide range of movements and works on various parts of the body. Since there are many types, the chances are good that one of them is right for you, no matter your needs. Here are the four types of massage therapy you can find at Elysian Wellness Centre.

Relaxation massage

A relaxation massage is the best-known type and probably what you think of when someone says the word “massage.” It incorporates a smooth, flowing, gentle, or medium touch in order to relax the body rather than treat specific injuries or concerns. Choose this type of massage if you feel tight or stiff all over and just want to loosen up.

Deep tissue massage

As the name would suggest, this is a deeper and more intense form of massage that aims to work out those stubborn knots in your muscles (which therapists call adhesions) and help with other problematic spots or repetitive strain injuries that are causing you pain or limiting your movement. Your therapist will dig and push deeper into the affected areas, which may hurt a little bit, but shouldn’t be super painful.

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Sports massage

Sports massage can treat or prevent injuries caused by sporting activities. Both professional and amateur athletes may benefit from this type of massage, which incorporates both Swedish and deep-tissue techniques and focuses on the specific parts of your body that are affected by the sport you do, such as hips and knees for runners or soccer players.

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Prenatal massage

Pregnancy takes a particular toll on the body, and a prenatal massage can help ease the aches and pains that go along with it, especially in your lower back, hips, and legs. Massage can also help reduce swelling in the lower extremities. Be sure to check with your doctor before booking an appointment.

The takeaway

For every ache, pain, or source of tension in your body, there’s probably a form of massage therapy that can help. Consider exploring more than one type to see what works best for you.

Mason Timm, Registered Massage Therapist

Mason is a proud registered massage therapist with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. Mason attended the massage therapy program at Algonquin College and graduated with Honours in 2018.

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