Post-partum pain? Here’s how a chiro or physio visit can help

The top post-partum treatments from chiropractors and physiotherapists

Having a baby is exciting – but beyond the excitement, not everything feels so great. A post-natal patient may feel a ton of physical sensations, from soreness to pain. After having a baby, many patients choose to seek help from a chiropractor or physiotherapist in order to manage pain. This is a great idea – not only can these professionals help limit and manage your pain, but they can teach you strategies that you can perform at any time to overcome your unwanted physical feelings.

How can these professionals help you? Learn more below.

Is it normal to feel sore following childbirth?

Yes! Childbirth is a fascinating process that puts your body through plenty of changes, both fast and slow. Your body has to work extra hard to keep up with these changes, and as a result, you may experience pain even after childbirth is complete.

Some of the pain will go away on its own as your body gets used to the changes that come with birth. However, you might find that pain seems to either never go away, or, when it does, it comes back when you least want it to.

Additionally, pregnancy and the period that follows can both be very stressful, and, as we know, stress can have physical consequences. Your nervous system may be overwhelmed, and you might be experiencing back or muscle pain as a result. Dealing with these problems makes the easier parts of early parenthood seem impossible.

That’s where we come in. Read below to learn how physio and chiro services can help you navigate life as a parent without the stress or soreness that comes with it.

Why a physio or chiro visit can help

Realign pelvis to support nervous system

As we explained above, your nervous system goes through a lot when you have a baby. Your pelvis may become misaligned, resulting in back or hip pain.

Fortunately, a physiotherapist or chiropractor can help you realign your pelvis through simple exercises, stretches, and motions.

Restore strength of abdominal muscles

Postpartum Abdominal pain is not rare at all. Many mothers find that they experience an uncomfortable level of tightness or weakness in their abs or stomach area. This is often associated with constipation, cramps, and pain, and is most common within the first six weeks after birth.

Fortunately, a physiotherapist can help you combat this pain and finally get your strength back.

Help with pain coming from breastfeeding

Do you find that your breastfeeding efforts cause too many problems? Maybe you find that you are sorer than expected after you breastfeed – or maybe you find that you can’t find a position that allows you and your child to both remain comfortable.

Have no fear. There are plenty of physiotherapists that are trained to deal with this exact problem.

Improve flexibility

With a young infant in your care, you’ll have plenty to do – and you’ll want your body to be flexible to ensure that you can get it all done. A physiotherapist can teach you the right stretches and motions that you can perform at any time to improve your flexibility.

Supports sleep

Any new parents will tell you that you’re lucky to get an ounce of sleep whenever you can. However, soreness can stop you from catching the Z’s you need to handle each day as a parent.

Specialists like chiropractors and physiotherapists can help you achieve the comfort you need to get the sleep you’re looking for.

Supports scar tissue adhesion

Laceration is common after surgery, though childbirth can also result in problems involving your scar tissue. This can be traumatic or painful, but thankfully, recovery is possible. A professional can help you practice different poses and movements to limit pain.

Ultimately, pregnancy and childbirth both bring forward plenty of confusing and potentially uncomfortable physical sensations. Fortunately, the recovery period doesn’t have to feel like it’s moving too slow. Visit one of our specialists today to learn how you can take control of your comfort and give your baby the energy it deserves.

Johanne Gordon - Registered Physiotherapist

Johanne is an experienced, fluently bilingual physiotherapist who graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy with magna cum laude honours from the University of Ottawa.

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