How to find the right chiropractor

Dr. Gregory Stoltz

December 6, 2020

Tips for finding a chiropractor that suits your needs

Everyone knows that chiropractors treat back pain, but they actually do so much more. You may benefit from visiting a chiropractor if you experience chronic pain, have a disability or disease, or are generally curious about how chiropractic treatment can help you.

As a patient, you deserve the best treatment possible, so it’s important to know what to look for and to ask certain questions when searching for the right chiropractor.

What to look for when choosing a chiropractor


Chiropractors often work closely with other healthcare professionals, so it doesn’t hurt to ask your doctor to refer you. You do not necessarily require a referral in order to see a chiropractor, however, your doctor can put you in contact with a chiropractor of their choosing that they know will provide you with the best care.


Find reviews of nearby chiropractors through a search engine, social media, or on the chiropractor’s website. These will give you a glimpse of what real clients have experienced.


Learn about the credentials required to practice as a chiropractor in your area. Your chiropractor should clearly display these credentials on their website or in their office.


An experienced chiropractor will have worked with many patients and has experience carrying out many different treatments. Find a chiropractor that has experience not just in the practice as a whole, but in the specific type of treatment you are looking for.

Quality and cleanliness of the clinic

The clinic’s presentation is a clear sign of its ability to provide top quality service. Upon your first visit, pay close attention to the environment that the clinic cultivates.

Communication style

During consultations and appointments, you may be asked to share personal information. Thus, your chiropractor should be someone you can see yourself building trust with. For the sake of comfort as well as open communication, find a chiropractor that you feel comfortable talking to about your expectations and any concerns you may have .

Awards and accreditations

Many official associations recognize quality service and patient care in skilled chiropractors. See if your chiropractor has been awarded or has received any special recognition. This information will likely be displayed online or in their clinic.

Be sure to know what your insurance covers

Your insurance provider should provide clear, precise guidelines for how much of your treatment is covered. For example, they may cover a certain amount of appointments, or up to a certain cost.

Also keep in mind that your chiropractor may not offer direct billing to your insurance provider, so you may be required to pay for treatment upfront and submit a request to be reimbursed. This is something you should always ask before you begin working with any chiropractor.

Questions you should ask your chiropractor

What are your qualifications?

Ask if your chiropractor has any post-graduate education or specialized training. These qualifications may indicate that the chiropractor is highly skilled and has expertise in certain areas.

Do you have any specialties?

Chiropractors often specialize in using a particular treatment style, or treating a particular part of the body or condition. If your chiropractor’s specialty corresponds to the treatment you need, they may be able to provide particularly high-quality treatment.

Do you commonly treat my condition?

You may be more comfortable seeing a chiropractor who has experience treating your specific condition. Plus, you’ll be able to learn how long treatment occurred for past patients, and what the recovery process was like.

What tools/techniques do you use?

Chiropractors often differ in their approach to treating patients. They may move the joints quickly, or go slow and steady. They may use medical instruments, or their hands only. Ask about these techniques to prepare yourself and determine what you’re comfortable with.

How can chiropractic care help me?

Visiting a chiropractor can do so much more than treat back pain. Ask your chiropractor how their services can benefit you. You may be surprised by how many benefits there are from receiving treatment.

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Will I need to see other health professionals to deal with my condition?

Some injuries or conditions may require visits to multiple healthcare professionals. For example, you may need to see both a physiotherapist and a chiropractor. Ask your chiropractor if they can fully treat your condition, or if any further treatment will be required.

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What does your treatment plan entail?

Your chiropractor will prepare a treatment plan for you, detailing the steps of treatment and how long it should take. It’s good to know these specifics, so don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.

How many sessions are necessary?

Most chiropractic treatments are performed over a series of sessions that occur over time. Consider asking for an estimate of the length of treatment, as well as how frequently you should come in for a session.

What are the costs and what payment methods do you accept?

Medical treatments are sometimes pricey if not covered by your insurance, so it’s necessary to ask your chiropractor about the cost of treatment. Consider asking about specific payment options. For example, can you break up costs into small, monthly payments, and is there an upfront payment of any kind?

What extra steps are you taking due to COVID-19?

The coronavirus pandemic has, in some capacity, affected how most healthcare professionals practice. Ask your chiropractor how they are practicing safely to ensure your own safety. It is also important to know how appointments are affected and what protocols they have in place.

The takeaway

A chiropractor can treat many conditions and injuries. For the best treatment possible, find a chiropractor you feel comfortable with that suits your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and research potential chiropractors in advance. With the right chiropractor, you’ll experience excellent care and experience powerful pain relief, amongst many other benefits.

Dr. Gregory Stoltz - Chiropractor

December 6, 2020

With his extensive education and experience, Dr. Gregory Stoltz brings a wealth of medical, biomechanical and physiological knowledge to every patient he treats. Dr. Stoltz completed his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, New York.