How lymphatic drainage can benefit you

Lymphatic drainage: how it works and why you should try it

The lymphatic system is an important part of the human body. It works by transmitting lymph fluid through the lymph nodes, which are small structures located all over your body. Lymph fluid contains white blood cells, which fight off diseases and infections.

You have hundreds of lymph nodes, and it’s important to take care of them. Not only is lymphatic drainage an easy way to keep the lymphatic system in top condition, but it supports the body in many ways. Keep reading to learn how lymphatic drainage can benefit you.

What is lymphatic drainage and who can do it?

Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that benefits the lymphatic system. Specifically, it encourages reliable movement of lymph fluid, allowing the body to more quickly fight off diseases and remove bodily waste.

You can learn the techniques required to perform lymphatic drainage, but you may prefer seeing a massage therapist who is particularly trained to perform the massage effectively. They will also be able to determine which parts of your body will benefit most from a lymphatic massage, as well as how much pressure should be applied during treatment.

You can receive this treatment as frequently as you’d like. Some massage therapists recommended repeated treatments over a set period of time for lasting effects.

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Why is lymphatic drainage important?

It is crucial to keep the lymphatic system healthy. By allowing lymph fluid to properly disperse throughout the body, you will be able to more effectively fight off diseases and infections, benefit from a stronger immune system, reduce or prevent swelling, and much more.

Lymphatic drainage is an easy and effective way to keep lymph fluid flowing smoothly, which, in turn, benefits your whole body.

What does manual lymphatic drainage treat?

Some health conditions can lead to a buildup of lymphatic fluid, while others simply require a strong lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage can treat just about any part of the body that contains lymph nodes. It can help treat swelling and pain, and it can provide many benefits to your overall health.

Lymphatic massages typically involve two stages: clearing and reabsorption. The clearing stage involves gently applying pressure to prepare the body to transfer more fluid. This is followed by the reabsorption stage, which involves applying different motions to the body part that the treatment is being performed on. The specific motions performed may depend on which part of the body is being treated.

Who would benefit from lymphatic drainage?

This treatment is most often used to treat chronic swelling (known as lymphedema), but anyone would benefit from having a better functioning lymphatic system. Take caution before having this performed and seek guidance from your doctor if you experience heart failure, blood clots, stroke, infections, liver problems, or kidney problems.

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Benefits of lymphatic drainage

Boosted immune system

Lymphatic drainage can improve the function of the immune system, which is responsible for creating antibodies that fight off infections and diseases.

More energy

Many patients feel more energetic after receiving this treatment, likely due to the alleviated flow of lymphatic fluid throughout the body.

Improved sleep

By reducing pain and discomfort, this massage can help you get a full sleep each night. In turn, this contributes to your overall health.

Treats sinus problems

The sinuses rely on lymph fluid to work properly. If you experience congestive issues, you may benefit from lymphatic drainage.

Accelerates wound and scar healing

This treatment can help heal your body after a surgery by encouraging the regeneration of tissue at scar sites.

Prevents lymphedema

Lymphedema, or chronic swelling, is often associated with cancer treatments, surgeries or infections. This can be prevented or reduced with proper treatment.

Reduces swelling

Lymphatic drainage is most often performed to reduce swelling in the body. Swelling is a sign of poor circulation, and can be painful.

Reduces stress

Lymphatic drainage can reduce the release of cortisol, more commonly known as the “fight or flight” hormone.

Relieves pain

Swelling can be irritating or debilitating, and hazardous to your overall health, but it can also be incredibly painful. By reducing your swelling through lymphatic drainage, you may experience pain relief depending on the extent of your swelling.


Lymphatic drainage can help detox the body by improving its ability to remove waste.

Why you should see a professional

Massage therapists can provide excellent care based on their knowledge of lymphatic drainage therapy. Your massage therapist can also personalize your treatment based on particular symptoms or health conditions that you experience.

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Ultimately, lymphatic drainage is an effective and easy treatment that can reduce swelling and improve the lymphatic system. Consider asking a massage therapist if it may be right for you, and how you can benefit from this treatment.

Lauren Bailey, Registered Massage Therapist

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