How a Chiropractor Can Help With Stress

What Can Stress Do to Your Body?

The impact of stress on your body isn’t something that should be neglected. We talked about how stress can cause you back pain and lead up to more serious damage to both your physical and mental health. The story of how stress impacts the human body is a tale as old as time. In prehistoric times, our ancestors’ way of life was way more dangerous than ours is now. Still, whenever we fear any kind of danger we go into “fight or flight” mode. This causes our muscles to stiffen and adrenaline and cortisol levels to rise, leaving us with tensed muscles and body pain. Luckily – we have something (or someone) to help us what our ancestors didn’t have – a chiropractor. How does a chiropractor help deal with stress? This article will tell you all about it.

The Impact of Stress on the Body

It’s normal to be stressed about certain things in your life. There isn’t a single person on Earth that hasn’t been stressed about something, at least once in their lifetime. A test, a big project at work, or even a pandemic. Did you know that 46% of Canadians indicated that their stress level was much worse than it was prior to COVID? While we might think we are handling it pretty well, our bodies have a way of telling us something is wrong. And if you’re not handling the acute stress on time, it can develop and become chronic. Chronic stress can affect all parts of your body, including both your physical and mental health. Take a look at this list:

  • Muscle Tension
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Chest Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lack of Focus
  • Problems Sleeping
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Low Libido
  • Over or Under-eating

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms you might want to start looking for solutions, because chances are – you are chronically stressed. Talking to a professional about your mental health is nothing to be ashamed of and the Elysian Wellness Centre encourages you to do so. Trying to stay active, spending time outdoors, eating healthy and drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day might also help you deal with stress. Another solution is – seeing a chiropractor.

How Can a Chiropractor Help Me With Stress?

You have probably heard of the saying “carrying all the stress on the back”. Well, it didn’t become a saying without a reason – this is more common than you think. A visit to your local chiropractor might come with great benefits for you. It’s one of the simplest changes you can make, yet effective. A chiropractor can create a custom dietary program and include the right foods, exercise and relaxation tips to help you reduce stress. Not only that, but they can make an adjustment to your spine and reduce muscle tension and in that way help you return the body’s balance and relieve pain.

Finding the issue in your spine

The spine is THE backbone of your neurological system and helps your brain communicate everything it needs to. So, in a way, your spine controls your mental and physical wellbeing which makes it critical for your spine to remain in optimal condition. When your spine is out of alignment or compressed, it can’t perform its job as it should.

A chiropractor will find the exact issue in your spine and use specific readjustment techniques for a certain area.

Spinal adjustment

When your spine is properly aligned, it enables your nervous system to function properly and communicate its messages. This leaves you with a much better feeling than you had when you came into the chiropractor’s office. Chiropractic adjustments restore the body’s natural balance and function through spinal adjustments, leaving you tension- and pain-free.

Reducing pain and muscle tension

As we mentioned above, stress causes your muscles to stiffen, which results in pain and spinal compression. After your chiropractor has adjusted your spine, you will notice your body becoming more relaxed and your muscles less tense. Your chiropractor can also help you with your posture and share some relaxation techniques that will help you in the long run.

Won’t I feel dizzy?

You might feel a little dizzy right after the treatment, and that is perfectly normal. It’s actually a good sign, too! That is because of your inner ear readjusting to your body’s new position. Also, a spinal adjustment is good for your blood flow. When you are tense and your spine is out of alignment it can cause some problems with your circulation. After a spinal adjustment, your circulation will improve so it might cause you to feel dizzy at first.

Helping with mental health

As mentioned above, a proper alignment of your spine helps with sending the right information through your body. Plus, when it functions properly, the spine can trigger positive hormones and that way helps you think clearly and rationally, with a smile on your face. The treatment itself should encourage relaxation, too!

How Often Should I See My Chiropractor?

It depends on you! Of course, the more often you go, the more benefits you will get and that way reduce the risk of the spine getting out of alignment again. In order to maintain the alignment and let your body know what’s natural, it’s a good idea to keep your visits regular – once a week, once every two weeks or once a month – what suits you best. The best option is to consult with your chiropractor and find out what’s best for you.

See An Elysian Wellness Chiropractor Today!

Stress is something no one can escape from, the best way to deal with it is to try your best to prevent it from happening. Of course, that’s easier said than done but luckily, there are always options for how to deal with it; a visit to a chiropractor is one of the possible ways. If you are thinking of going to your first visit, choose a highly skilled professional chiropractor that will make sure to find you a custom solution and help you relax your body. Book your appointment today at Elysian Wellness Centre and find what you were looking for!

Alex Tieu

Dr. Alex Tieu is a chiropractor with a passion for helping others achieve their health goals. Dr. Tieu wants to help his patients achieve optimal health and feel their best. He firmly believes that chiropractic care can make a significant difference in people's lives.

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