5 Stretches to Relieve Back Pain

Are you struggling from persistent back pain and are looking for ways to relieve it? A nagging ache in your lower back area is frustrating to deal with any day. Yet, some people wake up with pain every morning. Some even turn to some over-the-counter medication to get a bit of relief from the pain.

The negative thing about that solution is that the relief is usually temporary. So, how will you relieve lower back pain without the need for medication? The answer to the question might be simple, but it’s not easy – maintain your physical health.

Why You Should See a Physiotherapy

One of the most common misconceptions out there is that only a chiropractor can help with back pain. Seeing a physiotherapist is definitely worth it if you have a nagging back pain that does not disappear after a few weeks. They can help you find the exact spot that needs treating and make sure the pain stays as far away as possible. Here’s what physiotherapists can help with:

  • Sciatic pain – The pain spreads from the back down to your legs. Note that the cause is a prolapsed disc. It occurs when the disc in the spine bulges out of its usual shape and starts pressing on a nerve.
  • Non-specific lower back pain – occurs when there is no injury or medical condition associated with the pain.
  • Back pain due to ageing discs in the spine – these are degenerative disc diseases.
  • Spinal Stenosis – occurs when the space around the spinal cord becomes narrow. That puts pressure on the spinal cord and causes pain.
  • Your GP refers you to a good physiotherapist. But, you can also book an appointment by yourself.

The package will include hands-on manual therapy, painkillers, exercise programs, and physiological support. The combination of treatments will give you a good chance of ending your back pain.

How to Deal With Back Pain at Home

Neck and back pain is at the top of the list of the negative side of the pandemic’s aftermath. You can avoid WFH back pain by following these tips and tricks:

  • Setting a Separate Work Station – You need to set up a distinct workstation for office hours. Get out of your bed and work while you maintain a good posture.
  • Finding an Ideal Chair – Your sofa or couch is not the best place to work. Have a chair that aids you in sitting upright to maintain a good posture and for back support.
  • Stretching your Back in the Morning – Stretching your back is a good way to reduce back pain while working from home. Your stretches should focus on the back.
  • Supporting your back – Your lower spine feels the most stress and pressure when sitting upright. Provide extra support to your lower back with a log-shaped pillow.
  • Move every hour – Moving your body is as important as keeping good form and posture. Ensure you make short movements during the day.

Note that the above advice is not only for WFH. Consider practising it when sitting in your office chair once you get back to the office.

There are a few great stretches for back pain to help deal with back pain at home. Each stretch will target specific body parts and help relieve your back pain.

Shoulder stretches

Consider doing the shoulder blade squeezes. The exercise is as simple as it sounds. Sit upright and press your shoulder blades inwards towards your back.

Then, hold that posture for 5-6 seconds, then relax. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times and do it twice a day to have a good and healthy back.

Neck stretch

Consider doing the flexion stretch. The stretch focuses on the chin to the chest area. Gently bend your head forward, bring your chin towards the chest until you feel a stretch in the back of the neck.

Also, you can do a lateral flexion stretch where you bend the neck to one side like you want to touch your ear to your shoulder. Make sure you feel a stretch on your neck.

Lower back stretches

Do a back flexion stretch whereby you lie on your back and pull your knees to your chest. Simultaneously, flex your head forward until you feel a comfortable stretch across your mid and lower back.

Also, consider doing a knee to chest stretch. Lie down on your back with your knees bent and both your heels on the floor. Place your hands behind one knee and then pull it towards your chest and stretch your gluteus muscles in the buttock.

Wrist stretches

Avoid giving soft support to your wrists. Do not give soft support to your wrist while on your computer. That tender assistance to your wrist will add compression to your finger tendons.

The compression then escalates into pain and affects your shoulders, back and neck.

Whole-body stretch

Do a child’s pose that gently stretches your thigh muscles, gluteus Maximus, and spinal extensors. The stretch relieves pain along your spine, neck and shoulders.

Also, the knee-to-chest stretch is ideal. That is because it relaxes your thighs, gluteus, and hips and promotes overall relaxation.

A seated spinal twist will stretch your back, gluteus, and hips. The stretch increases the spine’s mobility and stretches the neck, abdominals, and shoulders.

Get Rid of Your Back Pain With Elysian

By following our guide, you will gradually comprehend how to maintain a healthy back and how to relieve your back pain. Doing the great stretches for back pain we have above regularly will help you avoid back pain.

Note that adhering to exercise will be the most important factor for long-term back pain relief. However, if the pain persists, Elysian Wellness Centre has your back (pun intended). Our experienced and highly skilled physiotherapists will provide you with various therapies and help heal your body, soul, and mind.

Contact us today to begin your journey to a healthy back.

Johanne Gordon - Registered Physiotherapist

Johanne is an experienced, fluently bilingual physiotherapist who graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy with magna cum laude honours from the University of Ottawa.

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