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About Us

What We Are About Our mission is to keep you moving. We provide a variety of therapies to help relax and heal the soul, body, [...]

What We Are About

Our mission is to keep you moving.

We provide a variety of therapies to help relax and heal the soul, body, and mind. At Elysian Wellness Centre, our goal is to create a clinic environment that truly cares about the patient. We are all about client experience and shine in the field of providing the athlete, the injured, the daily worker, children, and seniors the most positive experience in medical treatment on their path to recovery. We want our clients to get the best experience possible, and that is by providing them with the best treatment possible for their injuries.

Our therapists are the best of the best. We are about quality of therapists, not quantity. We encourage an open dialogue with our therapists by telling us what is working and what is not working. We want our patients to be truly cared for and want to see results and improvements just as much as you!

We Always Aim To Give The Best Treatment To Our Patients


A Message From The Owner/Director

“As clients ourselves, we know what people want when it comes to their physical therapy and dietetic needs. We wanted to build a brand that answered what people ask for in their path to recovery: highly effective and empathetic treatment. From the second you call our clinic, you will instantly notice how friendly and welcoming our staff is, because we understand that being in pain is stressful enough and taking that first step towards getting treatment is often a difficult, but critical decision. With all this in mind, we created what is now Elysian Wellness Centre.

From guiding you through a motor vehicle accident claim every step of the way, to creating a diet plan that works with your preferences, we are here every step of the way. We want you to know that we won’t rest until we improve your quality of life and help you achieve whatever goal you wish to attain, whether it be pain reduction or weight loss. Feel confident in knowing the moment you walk through our doors, your new and improved quality of life begins.”

Director / Moe

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Our team of dedicated therapists and health experts place a high priority on patient comfort and well-being. Get to know our hard-working team and the experience they offer.



Why Choose Us

When you work with one of our therapists, you are working with a team. Your own personal team. We are transparent and will never take advantage of your trust in us to heal you. Whether it is overcoming an injury from a motor vehicle accident or wanting to get rid of that pesky back pain, we are here for you. We do not believe in working on more than one client at once like most clinics. We provide a direct, one-on-one service, and you will be the focus of attention your entire treatment session. If you feel like your therapy isn’t working optimally, we will never be offended. Instead, we will re-assess your condition and prescribe a new treatment plan and will do whatever is required to make you feel better.

What Makes Us Different


Private Rooms

Our rooms are all private, one-on-one treatment rooms so you never have to share your treatment space. You will be the complete focus of attention. We have time slots available from 15 minutes to 90 minutes for various treatment types, and we schedule your appointments according to how much time we need to allocate to treat you effectively. We do not book in order to maximize the number of clients we can fit in one day. We take our time assessing you and creating a treatment plan that works not only for you, but with you.


10 Services All Under One Roof

We provide 10 services all under one roof, making your therapeutic needs convenient and easy. Back to back appointments can be booked for multiple treatment types, and this is especially useful for Motor Vehicle Accident clients as you can get all your physical therapy treatments provided in one convenient location. Our goal during your treatment is to improve your overall physical health, and to educate and increase your health awareness.



All our therapists are extensively experienced and update their knowledge constantly to provide you with leading edge techniques to provide the most effective treatments. Our therapists are empathetic as much as they are effective, so you know you not only have a therapist during your treatment, but someone who truly cares about your treatment.


Direct Billing To 20 Major Private Insurers

We make your life easy with direct billing to 20 major private insurers, including Blue Cross clients. We are also FSRA licensed to directly bill motor vehicle insurers on behalf of motor vehicle accident victims.

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