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Shannel Roufael

Registered Nurse


Shannel Roufael is an experienced and meticulous RN who has dedicated her career to care for oncology patients. In terms of education, she holdsBachelor of Science in Nursing and a Masters in Professional Education. With over 10 years of administering chemotherapy and biotherapy agents, she has gained excellent competency in intravenous access and administration.

About Shannel

Shannel has become passionate about holistic and naturopathic medicine, wanting to expand her career and knowledge-base in intravenous vitamin therapy administration; focusing on client needs, Shannel is motivated to educate her clients on which IV therapy would be best to fulfill their vitamin and nutritional needs.

Shannel has seen firsthand the positive effects of naturopathic medicine in her career of oncology; she is motivated to understand better on how vitamin therapy can prevent deficiencies, enable performance and endurance, and potentially create better outcomes in disease prevention.

Outside of work, Shannel is a wife, and a mother. Although spending time with her family is her favourite pastime, Shannel has always been an active individual; at the age of 7, she started judo and competed nationally and internationally for 15 years. She enjoys spending time at the gym to strength training, and do various forms of yoga. She has a passion for cooking, loves to explore various recipes from around the world.


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