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Registered Physiotherapist.

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A Quick Look at Liza

After years of leading positive changes in many healthcare organizations, Liza decided to return to her first love, physiotherapy, and continue to positively impact patient’s lives.


About Liza

Having graduated from University of Ottawa’s Bachelors of Physiotherapy program and worked with amazing teams at The Ottawa Hospital’s outpatient clinics, Short Term Rehab and her own private clinic for over 10 years tremendously enriched her therapy skills. During this time, she also enjoyed working with a local rugby team.

Driven by her desire to help people get better led her to want to add to further her skills when conventional methods were simply not quite enough. Adding MacKenzie training, acupuncture and then delving into the world of Myofascial Release and Visceral Manipulation was a game changer for her patients.

In 2023, she restarted treating a patient that had plateaued and was struggling to recover from a motor vehicle accident. Her patient’s rapid recovery using myofascial release techniques, their heartfelt positive feedback, and her love to see her patients succeed triumphed and convinced her to return to practicing as a full-time commitment.

She is happy to join the Elysian family.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, travel, golf, curl and can’t wait to be back on the water with her  Dragon Boat crew.

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Liza Fortier's


  • The Upledger Institute (now the Barral Institute), Visceral Manipulation, Abdominal Series and Pelvic Course
  • Normal Development Techniques (NDT)
  • The Robin MacKenzie Institute of Canada (Part A-lumbar and Part B-cervical)
  • John F Barnes Myofascial Release Course Series and Pelvis and Thoracic courses
  • Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (1a)
  • CPA Orthopaedic Division – Level 1
  • Basic Trauma Life Sport Injury Management (BTLS – paramedic education)
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