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Kate Braddon

Registered Dietitian (RD, MSc)


Kate embraces a holistic approach in her practice, by working alongside her patients to empower them in making lifelong, positive changes that support their wellness goals. She works with patients to find strategies that meet their individual needs.

About Kate

Kate received her Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Mount Saint Vincent University, and her Masters in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Toronto.

Her practice aims to help others become the best version of themselves through education and optimization of nutrition strategies that are unique to the individual, while being sustainable and balanced for their lifestyle.

She has experiences in both the adult and pediatric populations. Kate completed her Master of Science through the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, where she studied child eating behaviour and dietary intake development. She has also had diverse experiences in the Women’s Health field. She is passionate about helping women use nutrition strategies that are unique to their current life stage, whether that’s helping them prepare for a pregnancy or navigate post-menopause.

Kate spent a great deal of her time competing as a high-level athlete at the national level in sprint kayaking, and she was on the varsity cross country running team in university. She has given sports nutrition presentations to various sports teams throughout Ottawa, and is passionate about helping athletes fine-tune their performance through nutrition.

In her spare time, Kate loves to teach and practice yoga as a certified instructor, run, and cycle in Gatineau Park. She loves to spend time by the lake at her cottage on weekends and enjoys the outdoors.

Kate Braddon

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