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Dr. Caner Nar

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Dr. Caner Nar combines evidence-informed care and advanced chiropractic techniques to help patients feel better, move better and live better. He has an exceptional understanding of human biomechanics, physiology and anatomy through his extensive educational background.

Dr. Nar began his education at York University and obtained a degree in kinesiology while gaining practical experience while working as a personal and disability trainer. He then completed his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. Since then, he has committed himself to numerous certifications so he can continue to provide optimal care for his patients.

About Dr. Nar

Raised in Toronto, Ontario, Dr. Nar excelled in academics and numerous sports while growing up. He was recognized with awards for exhibiting outstanding leadership, won athlete of the year, and earned a spot on the top ranked team in Ontario youth soccer.

Dr. Nar provides patient-centred care and believes patient preference combined with clinical judgement and evidence-informed research are the primary components of a successful treatment plan. He utilises joint mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, spinal manipulation, therapeutic cupping, therapeutic taping, shockwave therapy, exercise and patient education as his primary care methods. He recognizes the unique day-to-day demands of life put on each patient and is able to deliver care based on those needs.

When he isn’t treating his patients, you can catch Caner outdoors enjoying a long hike with his dog, playing soccer with friends or spending the day on the water with his family. He also enjoys daily strength training, running, reading and loves to cook. Also, don’t be surprised if you hear about Dr. Nar visiting your local community centre promoting the benefits of staying active, as he’s passionate about working with community outreach programs.

With a strong background in strength and cardiovascular training, Dr. Nar's interests are deeply rooted in helping patients of all ages achieve their personal physical goals.

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.” -Zig Ziglar

Ottawa Chiropractor Dr. Caner Nar


Dr. Nar’s treatment options:

  • PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)
  • Joint mobilisation and spinal manipulation
  • Postural assessment/screening
  • Therapeutic cupping
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Therapeutic taping
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Exercise prescription
  • Functional movement screening
  • IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation)

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